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Thursday, August 1, 2019

Tooth Fairy Part V

Mars lost another tooth and received another letter from his tooth fairy!

Dearest Mars the Magic,

I am so pleased to collect your second front tooth. You seem strong and tan and well with summer and friendship in your smiles. This brings me joy and I have been in need of such joy.
I mentioned in my last letter that the other fairies had failed to waken. Well, it’s true. You see, fairies wake and must play the rhythm of the day. Normally fairies all wake and set the rhythm of our day together by our instruments. Without our instruments, fairy’s hearts cannot beat. I woke one morning to find mine was the only one. There can be only one reason for this: Mordvor—the curse.
I never played as long alone as I have during mordvor. It’s been a nightmare to be so lonely without my fellow fairies. I look on them and they lay still, neither sleeping nor dead but simply still. Without others, it’s difficult to find my purpose each day. And yet, the obvious purpose has been to find a counterncurse to stop Mordvor. 
I think I’ve got a plan that will work. I intend to craft new instruments for each fairy and use them to awaken them. It won’t stop the curse but it should buy us time.
I’ve helped the latest batch of dart frog eggs to hatch and mature into tadpoles and now must merely wait for the wood where they were eggs to finish seasoning. For only the wood where dart frogs have lain their eggs possesses the magic necessary to make the instruments to wake a fairy’s heart. I am waiting now for a month or so more to see if the instruments I construct will work to wake the fairies. 
I have you to thank, really. When you reminded me of your mother’s fairy, it shook loose this plan. She had once explained to me the means for crafting fairy instruments. Now I must hope and trust that it shall work. 
Until the next tooth, Mars, be well.

With Love,
Tobias Hawthorne Gigglefoot VonRassmusson, III