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Friday, March 29, 2019

Mars & His Tooth Fairy Part III

Mars lost a front tooth. This is what he wrote to his tooth fairy.

Dear Tobias,
I have been waiting to chat and I was wondering if your house was on earth. I am interested in your height because I think that it is so cool to lear about. I was also wondering what Gomez's* tooth fairy is named. Do you know how my friend Damien is doing?
*(my little brother)
Also, do tooth fairies have families or are they multiples of Queen Toothiana queen of the tooth fairy armies? As always, it is a joy to have you here at our house and talk to you. But all good things always come to an end. Until next time & bye!
P.S. Who is Donald Trump's tooth fairy?

What his tooth fairy wrote back:

Dearest Mars,
Front teeth are momentous and so I’m thrilled to come and fetch yours this night! You asked how large I am and that answer is not a simple one as it depends on which dimension I inhabit. I live on earth, yes, but it is as though time and space wrinkles apart for an instant to alert me when you have lost a tooth so that I may slip between worlds to come to yours and retrieve it. When I slide through, my body becomes the precise size necessary to carry the tooth and letter away, no bigger. But I think I am smaller here in my world and that if you could see me, I’d be about the size of your pinky nail. There’s no way to confirm this, of course.
And what of me? Well, I have busied myself of late with guiding the dartfrogs’ eruption from their eggs. I hasten the process and protect them from would-be predators until their poison is ready to do the defending and their feet are ready for hopping. When they lay glossy and helpless, I watch over them.
You asked of family. Fairies are formed inside geodes. Each time a child pretends especially hard, with a meandering purpose and a strong vision, a crystal forms inside a rock. The force of pretending bursts through time and space and splits a section of rock, forming a small crystal. The more pretending, the more fairies. When we are born from geodes very close to one another or at near the same time, we feel closer perhaps to one another. Perhaps we’re more like you and your friend Damien, so closely connected, so joyfully bonded that we are forever specially related. All fairies feel this way though. We adore playing and being together.
I cannot tell you much of other fairies as there is a final special bond between a fairy and his or her human that forms for the first time at the instant when a child loses his or her first tooth. I couldn’t possibly tell you of Gavin’s fairy as he hasn’t lost his first tooth yet. These things are unique and one never can tell just what will happen until it does.
Magnus, you are growing into a fine boy, strong, tall, and determined. Until next time, I can’t wait to see what you’re up to by then!
With love,
Tobias Hawthorne Gigglefoot VonRassmusson, III