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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The fun with Mars' tooth fairy continues! He wrote back to his fairy and chose what habit he wanted to get rid of. He chose sneakiness so this was his letter.

Dearest Mars,
          It’s been some time since I last collected a tooth at your house. I’m ever so pleased to come tonight to collect this one. You chose wisely the bad habit you are casting off. The tooth will help but it will be an effort for you as well. As the new tooth grows in, may you spend your efforts away from sneakiness as you said. Except Spy League, a little sneaking for Spy League is okay, I think. If the rules did not prevent our interacting directly, I should fly to you immediately and be in your Spy League. It sounds like ever so much fun.
It seems you have grown in your climbing. Why, you shan’t need to fly like I do, when you can climb like that!
          There is a last and sudden heatwave this year that is setting the dart frogs alight on their feet. They jump so high that we know they are about to rest. The heat is a farce. It will not last. The rainy season shall be upon us in no time. The frogs will expend the last of their energies jumping, then lay their eggs in the earth and rest until they hatch. And I will hang my hammock under the toadstools and play my bassolier and read. And before I know it, the rains will clear and there will be frog song for days. Thank you for your letter. I cherish such gifts.

Tobias Hawthorne Gigglefoot VonRassmusson, III