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Tuesday, August 21, 2018

7 Park Scavenger Hunt

I have had a major parenting win in the Fun department. Yesterday I was feeling stressed about not wanting to spend money but wanting to take the kids to do something fun. I put unnecessary stress on myself about money and the kids. They don't need fancy expensive outings. We had just as much fun yesterday as we've ever had in a day.

Here's what we did.

We set a goal of how many parks we wanted to go to. Seven. (Admittedly, this was too many and in the middle of the afternoon we ended up coming home to take a break and read and took a short nap so we didn't finish the list until 8 p.m.)

The kids had to do their morning routine list before leaving and they had to be helpful with getting out the door by packing up and fetching items we needed. They were so excited about the seven parks in one day that they gladly worked on filling water bottles and getting things out of the fridge and cupboard for snacks. We mostly got through the morning without incident which is amazing. Mornings can feel like a wackamole task-list where as soon as I walk away to put my clothes on, they fight over who gets to use the sink for toothbrushing or I get them started on eating and go to brush my teeth and they drag toys to the table and forget to eat. But it went smoothly. There was only like one time when one of them punched the other in the face. We got out the door relatively early.

I came up with a scavenger hunt for them to complete and we headed off. Here's the list.

1. Meet kids with first names that start with 3 different letters.

2. Pick out a colored pencil without peeking and find something that color. Draw it.

3. Learn about three plants you notice (I used my phone and told them about it and at the end of the day they had to tell me the names of each plant they learned about and tidbit about it.)

4. Climb a tree (not too high.)

5. Try new monkey bars.

6. Try going backwards on the monkey bars.

7. Hang upside down. This was my favorite and yielded lots of laughs. My older son loves hanging upside down and my younger one decided to drop to his hands and flip over. This led to my older son wanting to try the trick and about 20 minutes of hanging and flipping and laughing.

8. Picnic in three different locations.

9. Go down 5 different slides or 1 slide 5 times.

10. Spot 3 wildflowers.

11. Spot 3 bees. (We did a substitution here because I forgot and a really nice kid we met at one of the parks shared his kite and so we did fly a kite instead.)

12. Go to 7 parks in 1 day!

Finish the list for a PRIZE! (Prize was over snack at bedtime that they each got to pick an ebook off of Amazon to read on the Kindle.)

We're all tired today but it was a very successful and fun last day of summer vacation for us.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

Tobias Hawthorne Gigglefoot VonRassmusson, III

Mars lost his first tooth just before turning 8. He put his tooth in an envelop, wrote his fairy a note letting her know his tooth still needed the blood cleaned off and saying "hi." He received a $2 bill a $5 bill and this note.

Dearest Mars the Magic,
I am your toothfairy, Tobias. I live under the Toadstool Forest in the hem of a gooseberry in faraway Gnufflefoxen off the tip of Hintermusselheim. I’m known for my ability to add twinkle to stars and freckles to noses. I play the psenobassolier which is a tiny horn made by poison dart frogs. When I play the frogs leap a whole extra 10 feet in the air and land on their own gigglefeet which is how they survive such lengthy falls.
I’ve waited precisely the right amount of time to introduce myself which I’m quite proud of especially due to the fact that waiting is such a difficult affair. Well worth the wait for your maturity as evidenced by your first lost tooth, I’m so very excited to collect it and leave you this extra special gift. It won’t always be so much money but since the initial tooth marks the passage of a unique milestone, you get extra.
You are now ready to grow up a little extra. Here’s the skinny on the toothfairy business. With the loss of each tooth, you have an opportunity to cast off one mistake or bad habit of your youth. I collect it inside the tooth and in grows the new habit with the new adult tooth. But you must set the intention to rid yourself of something and only certain things can be lost, like teeth. Your parents can guide you some in your choice of what to cast aside.
I’ve watched you a long time now and know how you’ve grown to be so strong and courageous over time. I’m glad to be your fairy and watch you grow bigger.

Do keep landing on your gigglefeet (though you shan’t jump 10 extra feet,) and I’ll be back soon for the next tooth.

Tobias Hawthorne Gigglefoot VonRassmusson, III

He then spent twenty minutes this morning looking at photos of fairies on nanny cams. This is a blast!