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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Kids are icky

We spent the last week in Steamboat skiing. Which is not that different than our normal week except we stayed in a condo and could take the bus to a slightly different mountain. Still, taking 2 kids skiing is insane.
At one point, I rewarded the kids by taking a gondola ride with them. My 4-year-old can't yet ski that far but really likes the gondola so up we went.

It was great. Until I looked over and realized he was chewing gum. And I didn't give him gum. He found it. Ewww....

Me: "Dude, that's gross! It's been in someone else's mouth!"
4-year-old: "But it's minty!"

Remember that scene in Elf when Santa tells him that if he finds gum on the ground it's not free candy? Yeah. He needs to have a talk with Santa. Twice. Because later at the condo, he again had some. Ewwww....

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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day- FREE Kindle Plus Stop Licking That in Paperback

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Thursday, February 9, 2017

Stop Licking That Out TODAY on Kindle!

Stop Licking That came out today. Get your Kindle Version here.

Download a copy and help me get a fancy best-seller button, please!!

My friend sent me a yelling text where she was mad because she accidentally started reading it when she was supposed to be studying medical terminology. HA!

Praise for Stop Licking That (which is funny to type)

There were so many moments when I thought “yep, exactly. Written by a real mom and a damn funny person. I appreciated that “Stop Licking That” got serious too. Because those moments are important and deserve attention.
-Ruth Hendricks, Early Childhood Professional and mother of 2

As a Mom and Psychotherapist, “Stop Licking That!” is a must have.  Karin Mitchell tells the ridiculous and rash parts of parenting that are both hilariously honest and heart-wrenchingly truthful.  She tells the stories that every parent can relate to without feeling an ounce of shame. It’s refreshing to read about the same triumphs and disastrous fails we have all experienced on our adventure as parents. “Stop Licking That!” will absolutely be added to my shelf of must-have books!
-Sammy Charytoniuk, Licensed Professional Counselor and parent

“Karin has such a way with words. Reading this brought back that my friends and I, in High School, had licking contests. The essence of the game was to lick something your competitor was not willing to lick, like the game chickin, but with bacteria, disease, and filth being the epicenter. It was pretty foul, and hilarious. Also probably an explanation for why were often ill in high school.”
-Drew Mikita (AKA Chicken Licken), Associate Professor Psychology and doggy daddy

“I laughed out loud so hard my husband came up to ask me what was the matter.”
-Michelle Woods Pennisi, childbirth educator and doula and mother of 2