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Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Party's over

At bedtime last night, Gomez told Rob, "You know in Secret Life of Pets when he says "party's over"?"
Rob answered, "Yeah?"
"Party's over.."
Gomez then rolled over and started snoring.

at 0:21

Thursday, January 19, 2017

YOUR sense of Humor

Which style or styles best match your sense of humor?

Life is Silly, let’s laugh- You see the humor in the situation when you drop a full coffee on your boss’s toe.
Situation Distiller- You’re the one who cracks a joke when things start getting too serious or awkward and we all thank you for that.
Self-deprecating- You make fun of yourself to make people laugh. It’s worth it.
Junkpunch funny- you laugh at slapstick, whoopee cushions, and when someone gets hurt.
Punny- you laugh at this joke “Why don’t cannibals eat clowns?” “Because they taste funny!”
Seriously funny- You don’t smile or laugh at your own jokes and you slide them in at just the right time to catch others unawares and crack. Them. Up.
Smartipants- Your jokes are funny and you think of the unlikely, witty line that drives them home. Often timely jokes and sometimes political are your favorites.
Quirky- It just hits your funny bone and a few others and you can’t stop laughing. Meanwhile those who don’t get it watch on in confusion. You might like Salad Fingers or cult niche humor.
Potty jokes- seriously ya’ll, farts are funny
Jokes about others- you laugh the hardest while railing on your buddy. You don’t get offended if someone makes fun of you either (otherwise, it just makes you a dick.)
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Friday, January 13, 2017

Fix, Fix

My younger son is four now. For years he and his brother have played games involving their imaginations. Sometimes it's annoying because they take things that are mine and repurpose them to be robot deodorant or whatever. But it's also hilarious to listen to them argue about.

When my younger son was 2, he would argue back at his brother that something imaginary had not broken.

"NO! FIX FIX!" and he'd wave his hand over whatever thing that doesn't actually exist and 'fix' it. They'd argue about whether it was broken or fixed and sometimes wrestling ensued.

Last night, I heard the progress of language as both boys agreed "Correct, correct!"