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Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Be That Person

Having children completely altered the landscape of my body. I don't have an illness that will likely cut my lifespan short, but I am a normal mom whose body shows signs of surviving 37 years. This lady, man, she got it right. Rock the body you have.

Over Thanksgiving, I ran a 5K with a new friend. She warned me as I got in the car that she had "padded up," but was pretty sure she couldn't control her bladder for the full distance. She's beautiful. And awesome and I had a great time. Rock the body you have.

Last night, Gomez wanted me to keep getting his belly. Then he decided he should get mine. I have lost sensation on my belly from the scarring due to stretching so far during pregnancy and am self-conscious about my belly. But my kids just see the chance to "get me." I let them and we play away. Rock the body you have.