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Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Remember that time when...

I was going to apologize to this really nice girl I sat next to whose poor mother was a night nurse and I was always trying to convince her that she had it made insofar as she could sneak out whenever she wanted but instead she always said, "Naw, my mom'd kill me." And she loved her mom and took good notes and was an all around good influence. Thanks, Coya. I learned to take notes and you didn't listen to me and now we're both okay.

When I was about to apologize online to her and really to her mother, my 3 year old locked himself in time out in my bedroom on the 2nd story. So then my husband's idea for how to handle that was to teach said 3 year old to open the 2nd story window. When I finally convinced him of what a terrible idea that was, he headed around the house to get a ladder and climb in to free the kid. Instead, I jimmied the lock with the cardboard of my writing notebook. See how writing helps you?

In addition to teaching our children to open windows and jimmy locks, my husband also thinks teaching them to use a weed whacker is a good idea. Yes, let's give a 3 and 6 year old a spinning blade tool (I don't actually know how a weed whacker works.)

So I don't always get to what I meant to. But my kids are going to learn to write. Because it's useful.