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Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Peed on Robe

Yesterday my mom watched the boys while Rob and I worked. I came home to learn that my five year old had been trying to pee on his brother's face in the bathroom but instead had peed on my husband's bathrobe.


A. I'm glad he didn't pee on his brother's face.
B. I'm glad it wasn't my robe.
C. I'm glad I wasn't home for any of this.
D. My mom led with how good the boys had been all day. Which leads me to
E. I believe they were giggling and laughing and playing a game that involved pee. Which leads me back to


(I forgot the robe in the washer last night. I hope it's not even smellier than pee from me forgetting to put it straight into the dryer. Ugh.)